Welcome. We do things differently at Family Investment Center, and our clients like it that way.

We're investment managers specializing in large portfolios who keep your needs and goals at the center of our focus. We work as a buyer for each client family, matching low-cost and productive investments to your circumstances and goals. Our commission-free platform values expertise and experience above sales ability. Our experience and credentials are both professional and academic, unlike a formal bank setting, yet we’re registered, approved, and secured like any other major financial institution.

The foundational tools, techniques, and strategies we use for investing were devised directly from large national endowment and pension portfolios. We use proven strategies and quality investments to get you where you want to go, and we’ve been proudly serving clients since 1998 – always acting with total transparency and no hidden fees.

At Family Investment Center, we are always professional and client-centered in our approach. We speak to customers like a friend would speak, but with extensive and valuable experience in the investment industry.

If you’re ready for investment advisor service that really is different,  contact us today.

"We should seek abundance in all things, including health and friends.  We believe in having an abundant mentality. Having an abundant perspective makes a difference on all areas of your life." - Dan Danford

Your Needs

At Family Investment Center, our main concentrations are investment management and financial services. While banks offer mass-produced services, we bring the same use of modern tools in a much more focused environment.
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Our Credentials

Our name, Family Investment Center, reflects our quest for excellence in investment management services that truly put your family first. The value our clients place on family, and the value we place on family, is evident in every interaction. Read more

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