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Professional Investment Advice Can Help With Stress

The Importance of Professional Investment Advice During Key Life Changes


Recent findings from a Merrill Lynch study found that widows get faulty Social Security information from agency representatives almost 82% of the time. Losing a partner is an emotional and stressful experience, and failing to get the right investment advice shouldn’t be a part of that.

According to a Merrill Lynch and Age Wave survey titled “Widowhood: The Loss Couples Rarely Plan For – And Shouldn’t,” half of the widows surveyed experienced a decline in income of 50% or more, and more than half said they didn’t have a plan for widowhood.

Claiming Social Security survivor benefits shouldn’t be complicated, but for many new widows it is a difficult process. In the best of situations, a widow might claim survivor benefits upon retirement, then wait until they’re 70 to claim their own benefits. It’s in a situation like this where the benefits are often maximized.

An Investment News article in early October relayed the details of the author’s friend, who made three phone calls to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and was told by representatives that she wasn’t entitled to survivor benefits because her own benefits were larger.

The reason for denying these benefits, according to the article, is that the SSA’s “deemed filing” rules require that a person born after January 1, 1954, file for benefits at the time of the claim. However, the deemed filing rule doesn’t apply to survivor benefits, which means many individuals could be living with the ramifications of incorrect information.

At Family Investment Center, we offer Social Security maximization services, and we help our clients know and understand the many Social Security options that are available. Knowing the options and how they’ll impact your future is important in every stage of life. Let’s schedule a time to talk about how our team can make sure you know all your choices.


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