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Investment Advisors Offer Key Insights During Volatile Markets

Talking to the Right Investment Advisors Calms Anxiety


b2ap3_thumbnail_Financial-Advisor-1_20151021-204011_1.jpgAnyone who follows the market knows that after five years of a bull market, a bear could be just around the corner. Recently we have seen a volatile market. Does this mean investors need to panic and rush to find safe harbors for their money? Probably not. Rather, it’s time to talk to your investment advisor about your fears and make rational decisions regarding your investments.

During times of volatility, investment advisors are often looking to provide value to clients, just as they do during bull markets. However, they also spend some time calming clients, working to reduce their anxiety. Investors have not forgotten the 2008-2009 stock market drop and many are worried that a rollercoaster market could bring on some losses similar to what they saw in the recession. A survey by Russell Investments shows that investors worry about the rollercoaster market more than they worry about running out of money for retirement.

We watched the market drop by half during the worst of the recession. However, we’ve seen it bounce back and then some. Regardless of the rebound, investors remember the pain of the loss and become anxious in a volatile market. People in retirement (or closest to it) are often the most anxious at times like we’re experiencing now, and investment advisors are here to help.

Here are things an investor should consider in times like these:

·         First, stay calm. Panic is contagious and can lead to an emotion-based decision.

·         Explain to your investment advisor exactly what is making you anxious.

·         Don’t focus on charts and graphs, because these seldom do anything to reduce anxiety.

·         Seek out books that address times like today. Warren Buffett, Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, and others all have resources that can educate you on how to process the anxiety you might be feeling now.

·         Remember that making significant changes in your investments based on emotion is often a mistake. An investment advisor can remind you that fluctuations are normal and consistency is still a key element of success.

·         Ask yourself if you need a cooling-off period where you put off making decisions about your investments. Everyone makes impulsive decisions in the heat of the moment.

·         Listen to the advice of your investment advisor; they have seen many market changes and are experienced in working with a variety of tools and scenarios.

Even experienced investors can get caught up in negative media headlines and can respond accordingly. Working with a professional investment advisor means you have the confidence of knowing someone is working toward your success from an unbiased viewpoint every day.  

Family Investment Center offers a professional team who has experienced the ebb and flow, the bull and bear and the rollercoaster effects of the market. Are you anxious about your investments? Contact us today and we’ll discuss how to move forward with clear focus and higher confidence.


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