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Financial Planning Prior to Marriage: Can an Investment Advisor Help?


Marriage is a matter of the heart, but this emotional event is backed by some logical though about finances for most couples who succeed and fulfill financial goals.

You’ve probably spent at least a few months planning your wedding – but have you given the same amount of thought to your financial plan? According to MassMutual’s survey on marriage and finances, couples spend less than 20 hours a year on financial planning discussions. Around 30 percent of those surveyed said they had anxious feelings about discussing future finances.

If you don’t think financial planning is an issue to be discussed in the midst of wedding planning, consider this fact: most divorces have a financial catalyst behind them. At some point in your marriage, there will likely be a disagreement about money, so it’s best to get on the same page from the start.

Some couples need guidance in the financial planning conversation, which is why calling a professional advisor from the get-go is great advice. With a list of items in front of you, you can plainly see the questions and challenges and address them one at a time. For example, an advisor can help you understand options for areas like student loan debt or credit card debt so that you can set out on the right foot. 

Some advisors may recommend that you consider disability and/or life insurance to keep you covered should one or both of you lose your job or die unexpectedly. You will also need to establish powers of attorney duties for healthcare issues. (Some families have faced very serious consequences when these issues aren’t ironed out before they occur).

financial advisors can also help guide you in areas like checking accounts. You may want to talk about if each of you should have your own personal account that you use for personal spending, and if you should share a joint account for expenditures you share, like a car payment, mortgage, and utilities. But keep in mind that investments can pay off much larger over time than checking accounts with large balances. It sounds simple, but many people miss this truth.

Everyone has a different approach to money and it was probably ingrained as children as they watched their parents spend and save. Discuss your family history regarding finances and develop an understanding of where your mate is coming from. No doubt this could bring some emotions and attitudes toward money into play – and our professional team at Family Investment Center is uniquely experienced in areas like emotions and money.

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