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Financial Planning: One in Three Avoid Professional Advice (Are You One of Them?)

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Americans love taking the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. Plenty of reality television programs document the lives of people in the process of DIY projects, some meeting with success and others with failure. When it comes to managing your investments, how smart is it to go the DIY route?

Given the sheer number of investment “experts” offering advice on television, magazines and in books, you’d think there is plenty of information out there to give you a head start on the process. So, you spend a few hours a month reading up on investing, loosely following the market and think you’re ready to jump in with both feet and put all of your money to work for you. It could be a big mistake.

Financial planning is not something most successful investors want to take up as a hobby. It’s something best left to the real experts – the ones who do it for a living. Despite all of your research, you’re probably not capable of watching over your money as well as a professional investment advisor. (According to a survey by Charles Schwab, around 33 percent of people who need investment advice don’t seek it from a professional, so you’re not alone).  But you do have a chance to change the situation, starting now.

Maybe you’re thinking you don’t need financial planning advice because your bank account doesn’t match that of a wealthy person. Not all rich people were born that way. Some of them worked hard for their money and consulted an advisor long before they could be considered wealthy. Financial planning assistance and investment advising services are there for anybody, and it doesn’t have to be overpriced. In fact, a fee-only advisor will work with you on a range of “nest egg” sizes without the added pressure of the advisor working on sales commission.

Maybe you’re thinking you don’t need
financial planning advice because you have a very simple financial situation. Qualified, experienced financial advisors are capable of unleashing a wealth of information, even for people who think their finances are simple. Thinking this way could keep you from realizing your potential as an investor, and it could keep you stuck in some old patterns of thought that aren’t based on reality. A financial planning expert can unlock these complexities for you and they work hard to stay on top of the knowledge to do so.

Once you consult with an investment advisor your work is only just beginning when you sit down for your consultation. You might learn that you need to adjust your spending or saving habits to create a larger window of opportunity when it comes to Social Security benefits later. As you age and your life changes, you’ll need to make adjustments and financial decisions that protect and/or enhance your investments. A financial advisor will be there to provide guidance on your options.

The professionals at
Family Investment Center are investment advisors specializing in large portfolios. Our team knows the process of investment advice can be intimidating, which is why we are careful to fully explain everything and to listen to your needs. We focus on wealth “wellness,” which means your investments can be one part of the total picture of confidence as you look toward your future.

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