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Everyday Investments: An Interview With Dan Danford, CEO, Family Investment Center

Maybe the New York Stock Exchange comes to mind when you think of investing and investments. But you’re faced with investment decisions every day. Being aware of these choices can ease worries and help lay the groundwork for a profitable future.


Dan Danford, chief executive officer of Family Investment Center in St. Joseph, offers these tips:


  • Be mindful about money. You’re faced with hundreds of decisions every week. Don’t automatically respond. Think it over first.
  • Make wise buying decisions. Look for the differences between price and value in making a purchase.
  • Make wise use of any debt. Some things are good to finance, while others are terrible. Buying a house at three or four percent interest is a good investment.
  • Keep track of net worth. Make a list of what is owned and what is owed for tracking purposes. It’s easy to do on a monthly basis.
  • Credit cards should be used for convenience alone. Pay off cards at the end of each month.
  • Use tax-savings vehicles, like college savings plans for students or retirement plans, as much as possible.
  • Keep learning. There are nuggets that can be picked up by reading. The lessons parents learned may not necessarily apply today. Many innovations are being created daily.
  • Ensure that student loans are in sync with career opportunities. Make automatic arrangements to make monthly payments.
  • Stay healthy. It’s a whole lot cheaper to belong to a health club than seeing a doctor all the time.
  • Choose the right mate. What your mate does for a living can have a huge influence on your finances.

Ray Scherer - St. Joseph News Press / Tomfoolery Magazine

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