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Danford Shares Insights over Department of Labor “Conflict of Interest” Rule; Featured in PR Web Announcement


b2ap3_thumbnail_PR-Web-1.JPGRecently Dan Danford, CEO of Family Investment Center, shared his insights regarding the pending Department of Labor rule concerning “conflict of interest” among investors and advisors. Essentially, President Obama is calling for unbiased, non-commission driven advice for investors. Recent White House reports show investors could lose $17 billion per year in potential revenues due to conflicted advisor motives. As stated by Danford, “client-first advice is the only advice that counts.” He also shared his insight into the non-commission, fee-only philosophy Danford and his team have cultivated since the organization’s founding.

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PR Web announcement:


Sept. 17, 2015: PR Web

Dan Danford, CEO of Family Investment Center, Expresses Surprise Over Pending U.S. Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule

President Obama directed the Department of Labor earlier this year to raise investment advice standards for brokers in charge of retirement accounts. The “conflict of interest” rule mandates that brokers, insurance agents and other financial advisors act in their clients’ best interest, but not all advising firms are on board.

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